What Are Employers Paying For, Anyway?

Workers automate their jobs, then agonize over whether to tell their employers. And for good reason.

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A man wearing headphones sits in front of a laptop computer. Image Credit: Austin Distel, Unsplash

40 Hours of What?

At least, this is the impression I get from the job suggestions that land in my LinkedIn inbox every few weeks. They’re always unsolicited, always from recruiters, and they always have one thing in common: They offer to pay me roughly the same amount for the same work I do now.

Who Owns the Benefits of Automation?

Yet it clearly does matter. It’s the crux of the debate over who should benefit when workers automate their own jobs.

…And Who Owns the Costs?

Etherable is not a unique case. Many workers have automated their own jobs, then struggled with whether or not to reveal this fact to their employers.

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